January 5, 2018

12:03 AM


Happy Friday!

So I am very late on blogging today so I am going to skip over the 4th completely and start fresh for today.

So yesterday (Jan. 4), we signed off on our house officially and today at 10 am, we will have our keys 😀 Also, we found a kitchen appliance set and we will go purchase it later!!!!! I really like the color and think it will go so nice with our white kitchen cabinets. This one is a really good deal especially because it’s all on sale. Here’s a pic of the set:


So yeah, I’ll just start out by talking about what todays plans are..

  • Change locks on house after we get the key
  • Purchase kitchen appliance set
  • Pick up laminate flooring either today or Saturday
  • Buy the bathroom sink we found on sale at Lowe’s (if it is still there)
  • Start visualizing the house
  • Blog
  • Go grocery shopping

Today will be a very busy day, let’s see what I can accomplish 🙂


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