December 28, 2017

3:12 PM


Happy Thursday!

Late blog today… went and returned that carpet we got for my room and I will continue searching for a new one probably this weekend! After that I went to look for an outfit to wear tomorrow for wherever Mirhad is taking me.. no luck at all. So I thought of an outfit from what I have. My black ripped jeans, a pink/peach sweater, and some boots. Now I am back home chilling, baking a pizza, and watching a movie.

Update: So something is wrong with my oven… for some reason smoke started coming from the top and when I opened the oven there was sooooo much smoke that came out. I had to throw away the pizza, it was just bad. And it didn’t even bake all the way through, needed at least another 10 minutes. 😦 So now I ordered a pizza – whateverrrrr. -.-

Not going to do much today except relax again 😀 I need to paint my nails later and then I’m planning on playing some video games with Sanela bc we haven’t played at all this break!!!!

Hopefully I’ll post something again today, if not tomorrow I will!


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