December 25, 2017

3:23 PM


Today I woke up feeling good! I made ustipke (a bosnian food) and I called Mirhad to come over for some breakfast 🙂 so the pic below is what ustipke are, you can eat them with Nutella (my fave) or sour cream.. or honestly anything you want! It’s yummy and it was my first time making it myself! 😀


After we ate, we drank some tea and just chilled for a little bit before we decided to head over to Mirhad’s house. So now I’m here just writing this blog post and thinking about whether or not we should take a winter break trip or if we should save it for Spring Break and then another trip in May?? I mean it would make more sense to go now, the house can wait another 5 days before we start on it, plus it’s really cold out. And then we can spend our Spring Break just working on our house!

Tomorrow I’m going to hit up a bunch of stores like Walmart, Lowes, etc., to see their after Christmas sales. I’m excited to see if we can find any good deals on appliances for the house and then Walmart always has their body care sets and shampoo/conditioner sets for $5 so it’s deff a steal! Also need to go exchange the carpet I bought, so I’ll probably do that tomorrow in the afternoon. Oh yeah, Elma is bringing Cicko over tomorrow at 10:30 am so my parents can see him since they haven’t in foreverrrr 😀

But yeah, that’s pretty much it for now. I’ll probably post more stuff today!

Bye 🙂






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