December 22, 2017

3:21 PM


Had a bit of a late start today! Woke up around 10ish and decided to go grocery shopping so I picked up Sanela and we went to Walmart. I bought lots of fruits 😋 and some chips for salsa… which I have been craving since last night so yay me!

After I came back home, I decided to deep clean the whole house which took me 3 hours! Now I made myself a nice cup of tea, cut up oranges and apples, lit a candle, and turned on The Royals 🙂 I feel soooo relaxed!


Mirhad just called me on the phone and was like “I’m coming homeeee” and I’m thinking oh he’s going to his house?? And then he’s like I’m coming home to you, where you are.. and I’m like awww home is where you are 🙂 hahaha it was too cute.

Okay so I’m going to go watch The Royals and just chillax for a little bit. Tonight I’m going to watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend so I’m excited! 🙂


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