December 13th, 2017

5:35 PM


Very late post because I have been busy all day! Basically studying for finals and stuff 😦 well it is finals week after all….


Woke up this morning at 9 am after basically not sleeping all night 😦 and then I drove to Mirhad’s house to wake him up because he wasn’t answer his phone – by this time it was already 11 am. He told me we need to wake up at 9, but when does he ever wake up early?!!? Hahahaha. I had to go through his garage because he didn’t hear my knocking and no one else was home. He finally got up after 10 mins of nagging him and ate some oatmeal. After that we went to our house to measure some of the dimensions like where the fridge will be, the couch, and some other stuff like bathroom vanity etc.

Took those measurements and went to Lowes to check some stuff out. We found a nice a nice kitchen appliance set, but it is way too expensive right now so the worker told us there will be a Christmas sale coming up so we will come check it out again later.


This is the set we were looking at, it was a Frigidaire appliance set. I believe the cost for everything in the picture (we would get an electric stove not gas) would be around $2,200 including tax. It isn’t a bad price considering that it is the new model of appliances called “black stainless steel”, so it makes sense why it is so pricey. Also, we will get a fridge that size because anything bigger won’t fit in the area we wanted to put it in. But regardless, we wanted this fridge anyways. No need for anything bigger for two people honestly. But I do like this set, hoping it goes down for Christmas. Would be a steal to get it for $1,500. That would be awesome! If not, then we will for sure look at other ones too since I know there are always some bomb sales for the holidays (after Black Friday tho).

We also looked at bathroom vanities too and have come to the conclusion that our bathrooms are super small so we will need a very small sink. Mirhad was thinking of getting one without the cabinets underneath like this:


He thinks it will give the bathroom more room and I seem to agree, I don’t see the point of the cabinets underneath anyways. I can always install shelves if needed. It is a good size for our bathroom and we would also replace the tub, the toilet, and add in glass doors to the tub.


See ya later!

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