December 12th, 2017

1:50 PM


About to finish off the day with my classes and head home to start working on catching up on Financial Markets class. We had our awards ceremony in Bus. Policy today and our teacher bought sushi for everyone! Even though I had it last night, it was still yummy.


Not looking forward to cramming and studying for the next week, I just want to sleeeeep. But once next week is over with, winter break will be here and I will chill every single day. I’m excited and I need this before I start my last semester of college!!!!! Woohoo! Finally πŸ˜€

Thought I would have time to post my Lake Tahoe/Yosemite vacation, but it seems like I won’t have time until later. I need to try my best to keep posting everyday regardless if I’m studying or not, just take like 10 minutes and write down some thoughts. It’ll help me relax and clear my head for just a little bit.

I already feel the stress coming on lol. Here we gooooooo!

I’ll check in later, bye! πŸ™‚


Update: 12:23 AM

Hi, got a lot of stuff done today. Finished my quiz and reply from online class and did my evaluations for my teachers for this semester. Tomorrow, we’re probably going to go measure some stuff in the house so we can be on the lookout for things at Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards if they are on clearance or something. After that, I have to start studying for financial markets exam and edit my m&b exam #2 to turn in on Thursday.

My m&b teacher decided to let us turn in our exam questions online so we don’t have to come to class next Thursday because a lot of people wanted to just go back to their hometowns after their last final on Tuesday. So lucky me, all that’s left is to do those questions, my capsim exam, and study for financial markets. Yay.

Now I’m at Mirhads just chilling here until I go home to sleep.

Goodnight πŸ™‚

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