December 7th, 2017

11:07 AM

Goooood morning!

I got some good sleep last night and I am in a very happy mood. About to make some breakfast – I’m thinking eggs, toast, and maybe some cheese.

— Ended up making eggs with a piece of toast and then cherry tomatoes on the sideΒ πŸ˜‹


This was delicious and I love these cute little cherry tomatoes from Sam’s Club. Never sour and never disappoints.

OMG, I almost forgot, I bought Hot Chocolate k-pods at Walmart and I can’t wait to drink some hot chocolate with it πŸ˜€

Now, I think I will start doing some of my homework, I’m kind of behind in Financial Markets, but in every other class I am good with the others! I really need to do the problems from the financial markets book either today or tomorrow so I can get on top of the math. Hope it’s not too difficult.

Yesterday I bought this OPI nail polish set at Marshalls which came with two colors, one is a purple and one is kind of a nude/beige/purpleish color. So pretty, I tried that nude/beige one last night but I didn’t have time to do a second coat, I’ll have to do that today too.

I’m going to make some tea and start working.

— UPDATE 8:01 PM

Soooo I pretty much didn’t even touch my school work today lol. Mirhad and I had a lazy day and started watching Stranger Things to see what the hype is all about. It’s so good hahahaah, we’re on the 3rd or 4th episode given that we had errands to run. Just came to his house and I’m updating my blog while we’re watching the next episode.

Speaking of shows, CRAZY EX GF IS BACK TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!!! HELL YES! It took a two week break I guess because of Thanksgiving and stuff like that and it’s back. I can’t wait to see what’s next, one of my favorite shows for sure!

**Omg almost forgot to say this. Today Mirhad and I were driving in the car and there was a bit of a traffic jam and Mirhad was trying to do something while driving and he had to break suddenly. Out of nowhere he screams “FUCKIN MY ASS ITCHES!!” We looked at each other and couldn’t stop laughing. And then we joked about how Mirhad gets ‘dyslexic’ when he’s mad LOL. Ah, that was a funny moment, glad I wrote it down so I don’t forget it.

**Mirhad gave me a hint about the ‘big day’ by mentioning Fibonacci sequencing…. interesting. Will def keep that one in mind πŸ˜€

It’s been a good day, tomorrow will be fun too. We’re going to go to our house and check it out because we miss it hehe. πŸ™‚

Bye πŸ™‚

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