December 6th, 2017

8:37 PM



Today I did a bunch of stuff, went grocery shopping at Sam’s and Walmart, finally. Finally got some food in the house since my parents have been busy renovating the house they want to sell. After I went grocery shopping, I went to Marshall’s to look at stuff and wow, they just have so many cute little gifts. So cute, wish I could buy everything lol. Afterwards, went home and showed my mom all of the stuff I bought and headed to pick up Mirhad. We went to work at Sanela’s house and now are watching Riverdale – but not the newest episode because Mirhad has only watched 1 episode so we decided to watch it again for him. ALSO, we had hot chocolate w/ marshmallows, YUM ☕️


I can’t decide if I want to wait until Riverdale season 2 is all on Netflix so I can binge, or if I should just keep watching it on tv??? Eh, we’ll see. It’s too good to not watch tho 😭😭

— I bought a huge photo album to put all of the pictures I have printed out in them and I got to do all of the ones of Mirhad and I. It’s adorable and I can’t wait to keep adding more. I haven’t printed out photos in a while, but I need to. Especially the ones from Yosemite and Lake Tahoe.

Speaking of those two places, I realllllly can’t wait to go back one day. I think Mirhad and I will go to Yosemite for our honeymoon?! ❤ 😍 That would be so fun honestly, especially because it was so beautiful the first time and Mirhad was very tired so he said he doesn’t remember much so it will be fun to experience it again.

Anyways, going to go finish watching this episode and then head home to bed.

Bye 🙂


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