Denver March 2017

Went to Denver in March of this year during our Spring Break. Me, Mirhad, Sanela, and Omer all went together. It was interesting because Sanela did not know Omer and I just knew of Omer, we had only talked a couple of times. Who would’ve thought that it would’ve been such a fun trip with someone new! We took Mirhad’s parents’ SUV (not a huge one, a standard size perfect for us 4) and drove to Denver. The drive there is about 12 hours, but of course you have to consider pit stops and stuff like that. I was so excited because MOUNTAINS!!!!! I love mountains, my dream is to live in a city that has mountains so I can visit them as much as I can. Imagine that though, waking up to a view of mountains 😍😍 Praying for that to happen one day ❤

Any who, the drive there was pretty fun, we made a stop in KC to a college for Omer and Mirhad to visit a friend, but it was a quick stop and we were on our way. It was dark though and a little sketchy in the downtown area, but we made it out fine. If I can remember correctly, we left around 5-6 pm and drove until the next morning. I remember driving for 7 hours straight while everyone was knocked out in the back. I didn’t mind though, and when I was tired we just stopped at a well-lit gas station where a lot of cars stopped at so I could nap too. When we got to Denver, I was amazed because right away I spotted the mountains (even in Kansas) and I started screaming from excitement. We just kept driving towards the mountains until we arrived at our Airbnb. It was a cute little apartment in the Baker Art District. Sadly, our apartment wasn’t ready so we had to wait. Lucky for us, there was a place called Waffle Up and it was delicious. By the time we were done eating, our room was ready for us. We went to settle in and planned what we would do for the day.

We were there a total of 5 or 6 days (I can’t remember exactly) so we wanted to explore as much as we could. Of course we wanted to go to the Rocky Mountains and just explore the city. We spent our trip going to the Rockies and exploring other mountain areas like Lookout Mountain. One thing I noticed about Denver was their highway system. Soooooo confusing, but we dealt with it! I took so many pictures throughout this trip and I will add a lot of them in here. The snow in the Rocky Mountains was awesome. I’ve never experienced snow as nice as it was there. Anyways, this trip was so fun and we were basically just laughing the whole time we were there. Colorado is a beautiful place, I wish I lived here ❤

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