November 18th, 2017

11:56 PM

Saturday night! Mirhad just left, we watched an episode of Narcos – side note my parents are watching it too and they are on season 2 meanwhile I am still only on the 7th episode of season 1…. LOL. But yeah, good show so far I really like it.

So, Mirhad and I started Keto yesterday so Keto Day 2! Feels good, I’ve missed ground beef with cucumbers, sooooo good ❤ Can’t wait to get to my goal weight and to see the outcome especially because this will be the first time doing Keto with exercise added in. Usually I do no forms of exercise while I am on this diet, but I need to get in shape seriously.. feeling weak. Exercise day 2 as well and it feels good!!! Really lightens my mood and wakes me up. Plus, I’m going to be super strict so I can eat all the cookies on New Years 😉 ❤

Mirhad and I both ordered a book from Amazon called SAM WALTON Made in America and we haven’t started reading it yet, but he read the couple of pages there are before the first chapter starts. I’m excited to read this book because it seems like it will be really interesting and I think I might learn a thing or two. It’s about Sam Walton’s life so it makes it that much more interesting. ALSO, I get to read it with Mirhad so it’s a win-win. 😀

Done with my financial markets test, so I can breathe until the next one. It was tough even though I knew everything. Whole class took went over the time limit allowed because of how difficult it was so I left really mad about that test, but we’ll see what the score is on Tuesday probably. Money and banking midterm is after Thanksgiving so I’ll have to do a lot of studying over Thanksgiving break too, but I don’t mind. I really enjoy this class and the things we learn. Plus she’s a great teacher so listening to her lectures is interesting!!!

Think I’m going to read a chapter of this book and probably go to sleep… That’s that for today, until next time ✌🏽

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