Good night!

November 19th, 2017 10:40 PM

20 minutes till 11 PM and I am ready for bed already. I got to finish a lot of things today, like I said before I am going to see what I actually got done today that I said I would this morning….

  • Go to Marshall’s to see what’s new (haven’t been in over a month)
  • Finish my case study, money and banking homework, and correct a test to turn in for points
  • Read a chapter or two of Sam Walton’s book
  • Make a list of the things I need to buy for peoples birthdays + New Years gifts
  • Catch up on Riverdale!!!!! I’m like 3 weeks behind and I think I’m going to watch it in between breaks so I can at least watch the newest episode next week and be caught up

So, I started my case study.. I wasn’t able to finish it. I have one more question left from my money and banking homework and tomorrow I will finish the last question of the test to turn in for points. Everything else I got done.. which really wasn’t a lot but still. I went and got a piece of Sanela’s birthday gift, but I should make a list of the things I still need to get for her, my mom, and the New Year’s gifts. Gifts are so fun sometimes, especially if you know what you plan on getting the person. And then Mirhad and I have a New Year’s gift tradition going on where we set a price limit for a gift or little gifts we can buy each other. Last year I think it was $30, so it might be around the same price this year too. It’s fun, it’s just random and it’s not a birthday gift so it doesn’t have to be AMAZING, it can just be something funny and useful.

Caught up on Riverdale, only was behind 2 episodes and I missed sooooo much. I can’t think of who the killer could be, but I feel like he is maybe related to Betty because he seems to know so much about her. It’s weird! I need to see what other peoples opinion is on this killer. Heard it could be her real mom and she’s adopted??? But I don’t believe that one, that’s just too much. Can’t wait to watch the next episode on Wednesday 😀

Tomorrow I am going to finish up my case study, some homework, and help Mirhad with some website stuff. Should be fun. Only one day of classes this week and then it’s Thanksgiving break!!! Only thing I’m excited for is to eat turkey and go black friday shopping online @ Ulta. Here’s some of the things I plan on purchasing;

  • Bliss Some Body to Love Set – $10
  • Pro Hair Sampler Kit for Him – $10
  • Pro Hair Sampler Kit for Her – $10
  • Holiday Skincare Sampler Box – $5
  • Origins Skin Bests Set – $10
  • Mario Badescu Hit Refresh Set – $12
  • Men’s Fragrance Sampler – $15
  • Real Techniques Beauty Blender – should be 50% off

Such good deals, I can’t wait to get them!

My eyes are finally super soft so I am going to wear some eyeshadow tomorrow, I’ve missed it. I got a new eyeshadow primer because the Milani one was drying my eyelids out and making them red so this Urban Decay Anti-Aging one is supposed to be more moisturizing so we’ll see how it does. Now that I have put my humidifier in my room, hopefully my skin will be less dry.

Tomorrow morning I am dying my hair back to brown!!!!! I am so excited!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I love balayage on me, but it just gets old too fast and as soon as I see a picture of my brown hair I miss it so much. So I can’t wait to see it tomorrow and be back to my old self 🙂

That’s that for today, until next time ✌🏽

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