November 9th, 2017

11:25 PM

I can’t believe I was so busy with homework yesterday that I didn’t get to write before I went to sleep 😦

It’s cool, there is always today. Ah, today… it was a long, long day. Went to school, found out my financial markets test will be next Thursday – GREAT. Really struggling in this class because it is hard material and the teacher is struggling to explain it well to the class. After that class, I went to do my Board of Directors presentation for Bus. Policy and it went well! Skipped my last class because I had to leave to start working on this study guide for the test next week. But first we had to go pay Mirhad’s ticket off and then we headed to my house so I could grab my book. Meanwhile, my mom was making lepine so I decided to make Mirhad and I two of them to bring to school in case we get hungry. We went up there and I worked on my study guide from about 4 pm to 10 pm. All 7 chapters were done, except for a couple of parts where I felt like I didn’t really need to write them down. I really hope I can pass this test with at least an 80%, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t. But I am going to spend the next week trying my hardest to learn these formulas and practice problems. Hopefully it pays off. Last test went badly and I just need to get my grade up or I think I might have to retake the class 😦

I am exhausted. I didn’t get to work out today, so as soon as I wake up tomorrow and eat, I am going to go work out to get some energy and feel better. Maybe it’ll help with the stress I have right now (hopefully). But I feel so tired right now, I think I can fall asleep real fast.

Anyways, I just wanted to add this. I love Mirhad so freaking much. I don’t know how I got lucky and found him. But I truly am lucky. He really knows how to make me feel better and how to put a big smile on my face. Even tonight, I was so into writing my study guide and I am super stressed out and yet he still managed to put a smile on my face. When we are both working on something and he turns a good Saban song up and looks at me with his smile. ❤️ He’s just something else. He is my SCB (he knows what this means 😂) Thank you God for putting this amazing, handsome human being in my life. I love you, dude. ❤️

Just writing that about him made me feel better and less stressed out.

P.S. I’ve been realizing a lot of stuff lately and it feels good to clear my mind from negativity. I am happier.

That’s that for today, until next time ✌🏽

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