California May 9-12, 2016

Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, Malibu

Decided to be cool and surprise Mirhad with tickets to LA. What I forgot about was what days his finals were on… I messed up LOL. Good thing I told him earlier or he wouldn’t have been able to ask his teachers to take them earlier. Thank God they were understanding and he was able to complete them before we left. The only thing that sucked was that he was stressed about them.

Anyways, we’re on our way to California. I booked a hotel in basically the middle of Hollywood and Beverly Hills. I remember taking an Uber from the airport to our place and seeing the Hollywood sign, it was so cool cuz I’ve only seen them in movies. We got settled into our room and started planning stuff we wanted to do. Obviously we had to go see the Hollywood Walk of Fame and go hiking to see the Hollywood sign. We got to do both and it was a cool experience. BTW, during this trip I was obsessed with passion fruit iced lemonades from Starbucks. I literally got one probably 3-4x a day, they were too good and I was on vacation so why not?!

LA was very crowded though. So much traffic, so many people walking around. A lot of people who looked like they were trying to become actors, too, so that was interesting to see.

We decided to take an Uber to Malibu on one of the days and we visited some Dunes place where we got to hike a little bit to the top to see a lot of Malibu. It was gorgeous. Water was so blue it was unbelievable. AND we saw a whale!!! A huge one, just swimming by… while there were people surfing close by. It was crazy, I’ve never even seen a whale before and it just swam by. We explored a little bit and then decided to head back to Santa Monica until we realized that there were no available Ubers around anywhere. We had to walk about 2-3 miles to catch any signal of an Uber or Lyft driver, and finally we found a Lyft driver who was there within 10 minutes. Thank God because it was getting dark and I couldn’t walk anymore.

On one of the days there, we decided to take a train to Santa Barbara. Now, Mirhad and I talked about Santa Barbara and how we want to live there when we’re older but we’ve never visited so we were stoked to finally go. Train ride was maybe like 2-3 hours long, maybe less. That city was absolutely beautiful. It just felt so homey. I felt welcomed by all of the friendly faces. Side note – I wore heels (yes, horrible mistake) and my feet hurt after 20 minutes of walking so we had to stop by at a Payless store to get some sneakers. Anyways, back to Santa Barbara. We walked around for a while and found a nice place to eat. Good burgers and quesadillas. We then decided to go to their zoo. Let me just say, coolest zoo I have been to! We got to hold lemurs and they were sooooooo soft and cute. The giraffes were super close to you so they just walked up and literally stared at you, it was adorable. But yeah, we basically fell in love with Santa Barbara and decided we want to retire there. Plus, we’ve been tracking the weather since we went and it’s perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. Another plus, MOUNTAINS!!! They’re not huge, but any kind of mountain is a plus.

It was a very fun trip, I want to go back and explore other parts of California like San Diego in the future 🙂

P.S. We got to eat a lot of good sushi 🍣

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